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Smartwatch DT8 Ultra +

  • – 2.1 inch HD large screen
  • – Strap Lock
  • – Multisports hot key
  • – Multitasking Bar Show
  • Smartwatch DT8 Ultra +

 6,150.00  8,500.00

Smartwatch DT8 Ultra +

  • – 2.1 inch HD large screen
  • – Strap Lock
  • – Multisports hot key
  • – Multitasking Bar Show
Smartwatch DT8 Ultra +
Smartwatch DT8 Ultra +

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Chip RTK8762DK Size 49*43*11.5mm
Weight 46g Body Alloy
Waterproof IP68 Material 2.1-inch TFT full view color screen
Screen resolution 420*485 Battery capacity 280mAh
Charging method Wireless charging Charging time About less than 5 hours
Daily use 5 days Power saving mode 20 days
Strap Materail Fast detachable silicone straps Strap Width 21.5mm
Language English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, Greek, Latin, Romanian, Turkish, Hebrew, Czech, Polish, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese,French, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, Persian

Products include:

Smart watch *1
Cable *1
Manual *1
Packaging box *1
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Container transport, Rail transport, Marine transport, transport age

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Smart Watch


DT8 Ultra+

More than a sports watch
Giving you the
best screen quality

2.1-inch TFT high-definition large screen
G+F blast-resistant tempered screen

Smart Watch

High-end flagship

DT Series born with quality

2.1-inch HD screen

2.1-inch HD full
screen Narrow
bezel design

Multi-sports hot key

Brand new sports hot key
Easy to use


Independent ringtone

NFC access control

Bluetooth call

One binding to synchronize contacts and
enable the function of Bluetooth call without
binding smartphone Bluetooth manually.


Strap locks

Fast detaching or attaching saves
you time and energy.

Multitasking background

Wireless charging
Bedside lamp mode

Say goodbye to the shackles of wired
charging and enjoy the convenience of
wireless charging.The charging
interface is eyes friendly with always-on
diaplay. No more blindly fumbling, and
give you a warm-hearted company
at night

Games on your wrist

Inbuilt mini games, such as
Whac-A-Mole, Jigsaw puzzle,etc.
Being the focus among your friends

Smart Watch

The 2.1-inch HD screen is
obviously bigger than before

The 2.1-inch HD screen has enjoyable brightness of
320ppi and a high resolution of 420X485, improving the
whole user experience that the smartwatch DT8 Ultra+ is
much easier to read and use. The narrow bezel design
ensures visual enjoyment.

Smart Watch

G+F blast
resistant glass

G+F blast resistant glass has already achieved an
incredible hard level. The hard layer of ordinary
tempered glass is about 8-12um, and the hard layer
of Corning glass after chemical strengthening is about
40um, which can resist the daily scratching and grinding
of hard objects easily.

Pioneering craft

Meet the most rugged and capable DT Watch ever. With a robust
metal case, DT8 Ultra+ can master any challenges of all kinds,
showing the watch is born to be tough. Packed with numerous
sports modes, DT8 Ultra+ is ready to face challenges anytime.
Start to radiate your enthusiasm and burn your calories.

Fast detaching or attaching
saves you time and energy.

Only a few seconds are needed
to attach or detach straps.

Multisports hot key

One click to start
your exercise

Numerous types

Buttons for easy use. One click the brand new physical button to
enter the sport interface,releasing infinite potential.

Smart Watch
Smart Watch

Everything is ready

Packed with flexible and comprehensive features,
DT8 Ultra perches on your wrist helping you with
its amazing ability.

Digital Crown

Larger diameter and deeper groove
make the button easier to use

Buttons on the sides

Used to turn on/off the watch and go
back to the main interface.Short press
to enter multitasking background,
long press to turn off the watch.

High fidelity speaker

Incoming call ringtone and
the volume of voice assistant

Action button in international orange

One click to enter multi-sports mode.

Smart Watch

Endurance Sports
Explore unknown
with you far away

Cover your physical training with data like
heart rate and blood pressure.More functions
related to sports. Longer battery life.

GPS movement tracking

Turn on the running function in the APP, and the APP
will record your movement route. Accurately record your
every step, calorie consumption, and push the data to
the watch for you to view after your exercises

Smart Watch

Multisports mode

Support indoor and outdoor multiple sports modes, providing real-time monitoring
for most of the sports and generating data like heart rate, distance, pace,
and calories consumption.Help you explore new areas of sports and enjoy
better physical performance.

IP68 waterproof

IP68 waterproof and dustproof allow
the watch to be used normally when
washing your hands and in rainy days
without fear of wind and rain

Atmospheric pressure

Pay close attention to changes and trends in atmospheric
pressure to predict sudden changes in weather and prevent
altitude sickness in advance to help ensure a safe trip.

Accurately dynamic heart and
blood pressure monitoring with
an off-hand monitoring sensor.

Accurate dynamic heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring
with an off-hand monitoring sensor always pays attention
to your heart health, and can monitor heart rate/blood
oxygen for you 24 hours a day, realizing [real-time
heart rate monitoring] and [rapid blood oxygen
measurement]. This function is based on biological
tracking sensor and optical sensor, which effectively
helps monitoring.

Smart Watch

Easier to estimate the
day of ovulation.

Femal menstrual cycle. A newly
added innovative sensor can monitor
the changes in your body temperature
and present the changes of a longer
period. Combined with data on heart
rate and the manually input data of
menstruation, this technology can allow
females to know about their menstrual
cycles better

Smart Watch

Sleep monitoring

Accurately monitor different stages of sleep, deep
sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement period, and
naps. Professionally interpret the sleep characteristics
of each period, and analyze sleep quality to help you
adjust your sleep habits and get better quality sleep.

Bluetooth call

One binding to synchronize contacts and enable
the function of Bluetooth call without binding
smartphone Bluetooth manually.Easy binding
gives you more convenient calling and freedom
of communication.

Multitasking background

Click the lower right side button to enter the multitasking
background. Users can fast locate any apps that they
want to use, which makes operations more effective.

Any question? Voice
assistant here’s to help!

DT8 Ultra+ has
independent ringtones for incoming
calls, messages, alarm clocks, etc.,
which allow you to set up ringtones
based on your styles.

NFC access control

Games on your wrist. Inbuilt mini games,
such as Whac-A-Mole, Jigsaw puzzle,etc.
Being the focus among your friends

Smart Watch

Countless watch faces

Massively well-selected watch faces with genres like technology,
sports, machinery, cartoons…There are more dynamic watch faces
and custom watch faces. You can always find out one which suits
you and fit your aura perfectly.

Smart Watch

Rich applications

Bluetooth call, breath training, sedentary reminder, password
protection, offline payment, voice assistant,health monitoring,
multisports mode, GPS movement tracking, camera remote
control,Bluetooth music… Numerous watch faces are waiting
for you in the APP WearPro.


The smart watch is connected to the newly upgraded WearPro App.WearPro is an all-weather health management platform, Can record various sports and body state data.

Smart Watch


  • Why does the back of the bracelet automatically glow green?

    The green light is when the bracelet is trying to monitor the heart rate. If you turn on automatic heart rate monitoring, the bracelet will automatically light up. If you select manual heart rate monitoring, it will not automatically light up. Our bracelet uses the current mainstream optical heart rate monitoring, please rest assured to use it.

  • Use the camera function

    You can place your mobile phone far away and take pictures by lifting your wristband.
    (1) The Bluetooth connection between the bracelet and the mobile phone needs to be maintained;
    (2) The APP needs to obtain the permission to call the system camera.

  • Is the watch waterproof? Can I wear it for bathing or swimming?

    It is only waterproof for life, please do not wear it when bathing or swimming.

  • How to change the time of my device?

    Please synchronize the device with your mobile phone via Bluetooth to calibrate the time.

  • Where can I download the WearPro APP to use the watch?

    You can easily find them by searching for the WearPro APP name on Google Play or App Store.

  • Does your smartwatch support battery replacement?

    Sorry, our smart watch does not support battery replacement.

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